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I learned

- Butah actually originated in India and is now one of the many gods around the world, although many people believe Butah originally came from China or Japan. Many people also believe that Butah is a fat, joyful, royal and powerful man. He is really skinny, humble and unlike most gods he only wanted to be human.

- Hinduism is a religion with many, many gods. One of the things they worship is cows. For the people who believe in Hinduism, cows are holy. Sometimes i's hard to believe, even if it's typed out right in front of you like this is. The reason they worship cows is unknown to me, but i'm sure it must make much more sense to people who believe in Hinduism.

- I learned that there is a Indian Hollywood called Bollywood. Just like Hollywood they make movies and have celebrations. The colors they wair at their celebrations the most are gold and red. Red represents royalty & gold represents wealth and happiness. to learn more click here

- I learned about their gods

- I also learned about their food

-Their animals are really important to their religion

- I also learned about Indian instrumets

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What they wear

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Most people think about a happy little boy or girl with paint on their faces and feathers in their hair when I say Indians, but really Indians aren't like that very much.

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What we've been doing

Please consider doing these activities in your classroom or home.

- We've been doing many things that are related to India, one of the things we've been doing is a world money thing. We got into a huge circle in the library, one by one Mr.Willms split us into two groups. There was a large group of fake gems to symbolize money, India had a large group of money and the other group had a smaller amount. In that lesson we found out that India isn't as poor as some people think and it is only as poor as everyone else, because everyone wanted to go where all the money was. The reason this was a problem was because the people had to have as equal money as possible, so the more people, the smaller amount of money everybody received.

- We also did a sort of fake legislation. We made a poster in groups, each poster had a new rule that that group thought the school should have. Our teachers acted like they were judges, they presented each poster and it's rule. After they presented the rule, we started to make arguments, example, "this rule shouldn't be done because..." one group would explain and the other group would say, "We could prevent this problem by..." At the end of the arguments, we voted. In the very end we signed our names under where we voted, either yes or no.

- Another thing we've been doing is a poster of all the things we learned. What we were supposed to put in our posters were depth, neatness, color and creativity. We used a poster board, paper for our rough copy, pencils, pencil crayons, rulers and creativity.

- In drama we've been doing a kind of play. The play was supposed to be in the olden days when they had knites and sorcerers, but we changed the lines, costumes and the place to modern day India.

- We've also been doing this, a website made for our class and for our subject. Please feel free to look around on this website, i'm sure you'll learn something new!

What I wonder

I wonder many things, but i'm only going to mention a few.

- I've always wondered who decided Butah was a god? I mean, if there are certain gods that are more holy or something, why are they? What makes them more important to Indians that they are gods?

- Why are there traditional clothing? I mean, why do certain people have to wear certain clothing? Some people have traditional clothing, but why is it traditional? Who decided that it was traditional?

- Just wondering who discovered India? Were they looking for it?

- Why do people who believe in Hinduism believe cows are holy?

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