There's so much I've learned about India over the past few weeks, that I didn't know before. First of all I didn't know that India has the worlds largest population. Did you know it has over 1.2 billion people living in it's country. I thought China had the worlds largest population, but no of course I'm wrong.

India project

Now it's time to talk about the India project I've been working on. In school my class has been studying India. And like every subject you have to get graded on it eventually. So we had to do the India project. ''India impressions project,'' is a collage that shows thing about India. (It's drawn) It's suppost to have lots of detale, some depth and no white spaces. India impressions is a huge mark in my CAPP mark.

False gods

Next there's the gods. India has a tun of different gods. I'll just name a few of them. There's Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Brahma.
There is other gods, I just don't know who they are. Actually I do know one more. Her name is (I'll put it in later). I drew a crib representing her on my India impressions project, because I needed something to do with religion on it. The India impressions project is a collage we had to make based on India.
The reason I put a crib in there was resemble her, because she's one of India's gods. She even has her own holiday. People in India decorate bye putting a crib outside their house to resemble the day she was born, they also decorate bye putting up lights. During this time children are told stories about ( I'll put in later) childhood. I'm not exactly sure why to them she's a god. But I know, is that they call her one.


India has many animals. There's all kinds of snakes, I know because all the sites on India tell me and because when I think of animals that live in India I think of snakes and bugs. But that's just probable because India's dusty. Back to the point um there's Black bucks, camels, lions, Indian Elaphants,
sheep, dogs, cats, cranes and the list goes on and on. But that's all I know for now, I'll probable remember some later.
images_10-55-08 images.jpg cow.jpg images-1.jpg


Colours India is full of different colours. Most of it's bright bright colours. There's orange, blue, pink, brown, green, purple, gold, indigo, silver, yellow and others. India's clothing is very colourfull.