What I've Learned

I have learned many things about India this year, like religion,colours,animals and facts.The colours in India are orange white green and blue those are the colours of the flag as you can see! Hinduisim is the main religoin there is also Buddhist and Christian people. Some animals are, white Bengal tiger, elephant,rhino and cobra. Some facts are, Did you know the number system was invented in India? Also chess was invented in India. So that about sums up the writen part!

My Questions

Some questions I have are where did the name "India" come from? Whats the time difference between India and Canada? Are there zebras there? Whats some Indian names? Whats some Indian food? if you want too answer some of my questions or add some go right ahead EDIT AWAY!!!


White Bengal tiger cubs! Indian elephant!!!! Naja naja cobra. Indian Rhino

My Flixn Movie

I remmoved this cuz it was realy weird and stuff~brooke
- I-Luv-Daisuke I-Luv-Daisuke