If you would like to compile an above and beyond project for anything we are doing in class...do so here.

Some ideas:

  1. Research some of the topics and start adding links under a heading for that topic.
  2. Write an essay and post it here (others may edit it for mistakes).
  3. Film yourself on Flixn.net giving your thoughtful opinion on a hot topic and post here (ask Mr. Willms how).
  4. Create an informational page on a subject we are studying in class (e.g. Science - Kingdom clasification).
  5. Something else that you've thought of!

You may create a project on ANYTHING you want. If it has to do with school in any way, I can give you bonus (talk to me when the project is finished).

*Important* - Please name your project and then create a link to it so this page doesn't get CRAZY cluttered. Take a look at the list below and continue with your own linked projects.

  1. Mr. Willms' Example Project
  2. Mackenzie's Brittany Spears Project
  3. Pierce's Maple Life Project
  4. Tessa and Petra's Holocaust Project
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