What I've Learned Project

Check out the HINDUISM SITE!

You are going to receive a package tomorrow that will explain what is required of you for your India Impressions project.

This will be a LARGE part of you mark for term 3 so I suggest that you put your full effort into the project.

You can use this site after tomorrow to discuss the project. PLEASE someone keep it organized into headings and sections. Thanks!

Can you have some writing on it and stuff or only pictures and save what you have to say for the little presentation?

  1. ah can you have writing on the collage
  2. -Robyn
  3. Yeah I wrote the motto on mine. Would that be fine?--Maddy
  4. Can you take pictures from the web and paste it on the collage??-Kelsey
  5. I am 99% sure you can't! ( I might be wrong?) --Maddy
  6. He said you can't if you forgot.=P ~ Matt
  7. This is a DRAWING collage. You are NOT cutting and pasting any images. It is all drawing. - Mr. Willms :D
  8. You are allowed some text on the project but careful not to have too much. It should be mostly visual images.
  9. Aren't you allowed to draw a picture on a sepperate piece of paper, than paste it? ~Amanda