Discussion Questions

Below you will find questions that I would like you, as a class, to answer. Add to, remove, and change people's writing so the answer is amazing! I will add more questions as we continue to read through the book.

This website says a lot about islands of the blue dolphins- Island of the blue dolphins Is it a french site?

1. What kind of a leader was Karana's father? Backup your answer with quotes from the book.

He was a great leader and fought for their share of the sea otters but he died for the tribe.he was a relly good father and was the best leader the troups have had since the aluets.

2. How did the arrival of the white bass on the ledge cause the first unpleasant incident?

It caused the incident because they didn't share. But they didn't share, because there was only enough for their tribe. And that made the Aleuts angry! i dont think so cause the people od galasate didnt relly respect them.

3. Why were the villagers of Ghalas-at willing to leave their Island?

They didn't want to live somewhere the Alutes could attack! Plus everything there reminded them of the people who died.
they didnt whant to see the alauts again, and probaly wanted more food and shelter.

Secret Names

Each tribe member in the book had two names; a real one which was rarely used and a common name. Create your own secret name and write it below. After your name, include 5 words or phrases that describe your appearance and personality. Others will edit the page and try to guess who you are.

Pickle Pal is my fake name. I have blond hair, green eyes, 2 cats, 2 fish and love to act. It is Tessa


MonkeyMan is my seceret name, I have redish hair, blue eyes and I love monkeys! It is Amanda

Kitty is my seceret name, I have black hair. Brown eyes. I love monkey and kittens. it is Hope

My name is ...... Cheese Please!! I have long brown hair brown eyes and I am a girl!! ( oh and I like theese: !!!!!!! ) it is Maddy

My name is Uncle Bob. I got this name from my sister. I have brown eyes. I am a girl! I have a pet dog that chases squirrel.
My name is lady quitzle.I have four sisters and also four pet`s I have brown wavy hair and green eye`s.

Wind Speak is my name. Brown hair Brown eyes. Hair is Short and if i say my gender it's going to be an obvious one! My Name has a
name of a furniture item in it. Was on at 11:29 PM on friday
It is Matt=P yup! a bit Obvieous huh?

My name is Butterfly. I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. FRECKLES. Now you probably know right? I don't need to say anything more... but I have to so... I like to dance and I never wear earrings ) it is Mack

General Discussion You may talk more about the book below. Edit each other's writing! its soooo sad that Ramo dies

Ya I know hes one of those characters that arent huge but you still care. Do you know what I mean?Ya its sooooooo sad

Really I dont think so he risked his chance of safty for a fishing spear!!!!