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Student Thoughts

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1. Mr. Willms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT I PLAYED THAT ESCAPE THE CLOSET GAME AND MY TIME WAS 21:48!! WAHOO. I TOTALLY beat you :D:D:D:D:D Dont belive me? CLICK On THE LINK: (well if it doesn't work just trust me... PS ANYONE WHO READS THIS THAT GAME IS AWESOME. I felt like a detective :) [[user:mackenzie-mowatmedia type=
2. I totally beat both of you in 7:14 which is really weird i think the time is messed so yeah tess helped me with a little hint so yeah.
3. Two cows are in Great Britan. One cow says to the other cow " Aren't you worried about getting mad cow disease?". Then the other cow says " Why would I be afraid of getting mad cow disease? I'm an airplane!!~LOL-Eric Z.
4.Petra and mack stop gloating about your victory, I beat you all!(except pierce) My score was 4:29! Burn yo! -Matt
5. 1:13!! I used cheats! LOL-Maddy
6.What are we doing Wed. skating or golfing? ~Petra
check out this websit brain pop
You guys are TOTAL cheater bottoms. Anyway, barely anyone goes on this page.
I know really does much on the wiki anymore!
Mr Willms, your not going to do E3 talk radio, are you. What a giver upper. :(. [user:Mackenzie-Mowat]
Hey i go on about once a month nothings happening on this site i should do some updates!!! {Tessa}
7.- Bella_o0 Bella_o0Hello I miss the good old days in mr willms class he is a great teacher
but no one ever comes on here so yeah. Happy spring
break 2008 everone!!! (Brooke)-Bella_o0 (twilight is the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!)
8.I miss our old class Mr.Willms your daughter is so cute!!!! ~Petra
9. Yeahh she is adorable. Maddy <33