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Feel free to type any questions about what we are doing in class here. You can remain anonymous (not give your name) if you don't want to. If you know (or think you know) the answer to a question, go ahead and answer it below the question in BOLD font. *Remember! If in doubt, write it!*

Island of the Blue Dolphins <-- Click here for discussion on our novel.

India Impressions Project <--Click here for discussion on the India Impressions Project.

Substance Abuse Project <--Click here to work on your Substance Abuse Project.

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Science Questions

Q. For our bacteria poster if I can't find where it's most common location is will it be okay? I second that!!
A. I'm pretty sure that each illness has a lot of information on where it is most common. I just included all the areas that it is common to make sure.
I couldn't find the area either
I couldn't find one place where it is or was

I know the white bass is a fish, but can we catch it here in Canada? <-- Who can figure this out?
No. Bass live in more tropical water. Or do they