Here are some suggestions for our classroom wiki.

  1. The main rule in a Wiki is: "Just Do It!" If there are mistakes, someone will fix it. If someone disagrees, they will change it.
  2. If you're not sure about something you are writing just write "(fix this)" after it.
  3. If you see a mistake, fix it! This is your website. It should reflect your work ethic and class pride.
  4. Please do not vandalize the site. You have free range to edit. Don't change needlessly or add inappropriate content. Remember, all changes are logged.
  5. Edit each other's writing and ideas. The site will not be amazing unless you correct each other and add to each other's thoughts.
  6. When changing other's writing please use common sense. Would they be grateful for the change or would they be upset? If in doubt, make the change. We can always go back to the way it was if need.
  7. Have fun!
  8. Don't erase peoples pictures or stories/projects, it might be important to them.
  9. This is a privelege!! So treat it like one!!!!
  10. Send messages to your friends!
  11. Use proper language in your messages! (No swearing!)
  12. Don't give links to inaproppriate sites!!!
  13. I second number 12!
  14. Explore the website!
  15. GRADE 6 IS THE BEST...does anyone still go on this website

# Make sure not to be mean or rude toward what other people thought or typed on the wiki!
  1. Make sure it's
  2. Make sure it's proper and in order so we can crush Mr.Marsh!!!!
  3. Make sure that it's not all glittery & ugly.
  4. That would mark against # 18!